Wind-diesel Hybrid Power Systems are designed to provide electrical generating capacity to remote communities and facilities that are not linked to a power grid. In remote communities previously, diesel-engine linked generating sets have often been the sole source of power as they offer a high degree of reliability. The introduction of wind-diesel hybrid systems reduces reliance on diesel fuel, which creates pollution and is costly to transport.

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Wind-diesel generating systems have been under development and trialled in a number of locations during the latter part of the 20th century. A growing number of viable sites have now been developed with increased reliability of the systems. This is key to their success, as minimizing the cost of technical support in remote communities is vital for the ongoing development and implementation of this technology.


The successful integration of wind energy with diesel generating sets relies on complex controls to ensure correct sharing of intermittent wind energy and controllable diesel generation to meet the demand of the usually variable load.

The common measure of performance for wind diesel systems is Wind Penetration which is the ratio between Wind Power and Total Power delivered, e.g. 60% wind penetration implies that 60% of the system power comes from the wind. Wind Penetration figures can be either peak or long term. Sites such as Mawson, Coral Bay and Bremer Bay have peak wind penetrations of around 90%.

Technical solutions to the varying wind output include controlling wind output using variable speed Wind Turbines (e.g. Enercon, Denham), controlling demand such as the heating load (e.g. Mawson),storing energy in a flywheel (e.g. Powercorp, Coral Bay).

Some installations are now being converted to Wind Hydrogen systems such as Ramea which is due for completion in 2008

Isolated communities using Wind-Diesel systems Edit

Isolated communities utilizing commercial Wind-Diesel hybrid systems with significant proportion from wind

Community Country Diesel MW Wind MW Population Date Commissioned Wind Penetration (peak) Notes


Antarctica 0.48 MW 0.60 MW 2003 >90%
Bremer Bay


Australia 1.28 MW 0.60 MW 240 2005 >90%


Australia 1.28 MW 0.08 MW 628
Coral Bay Australia 2.24 MW 0.60 MW 2007 93%


Australia 2.61 MW 1.02 MW 600 1998 >70%


Australia 14.0 MW 5.85 MW 2003


Australia 1.37 MW 0.60 MW 350 2004 >90%
King Island (Tasmania) Australia 2.50 MW Flow battery storage system
Rottnest Island


Australia 0.64 MW 0.60 MW 2005
Thursday Island, Queensland Australia 0.45 MW


Canada 2.78 MW 0.40 MW 600 2003 Being converted to Wind Hydrogen
Sal Cape Verde 2.82 MW 0.60 MW 2001 14%
Mindelo Cape Verde 11.20 MW 0.90 MW 14%
Alto Baguales Chile 16.9 MW 2.00 MW 18,703 2002 20% 4.6 MW hydro
Dachen Island


China 1.30 MW 0.15 MW 15%
Berasoli[10] Eritrea 0.08 MW 0.03 MW Under tender
Rahaita Eritrea 0.08 MW 0.03 MW Under tender
Heleb Eritrea 0.08 MW 0.03 MW Under tender
Osmussaare[11] Estonia 0.40 MW 2002
Kythnos Greece 2.77 MW 0.31 MW
Lemnos Greece 10.40 MW 1.14 MW
La Désirade Guadeloupe 0.88 MW 0.14 MW 40%
Sagar Island


India 0.28 MW 0.50 MW
Marsabit Kenya 0.30 MW 0.15 MW 46%
Frøya Norway 0.05 MW 0.06 MW 100%


Philippines 1.25 MW 0.18 MW 2004
Flores Island


Portugal 0.60 MW 60%
Graciosa Island Portugal 3.56 MW 0.80 MW 60%
Cape Clear Island Ireland 0.07 MW 0.06 MW 100 70%
Fuerteventura Spain 0.15 MW 0.23 MW
Foula UK 0.05 MW 0.06 MW 31 70%
Rathlin Island UK 0.26 MW 0.99 MW 100%
Toksook Bay, Alaska


USA 1.1 MW 0.30 MW 500 2006
Kasigluk, Alaska


USA 1.1 MW 0.30 MW 500 2006
Wales, Alaska


USA 0.40 MW 160 2002 100%
St. Paul, Alaska


USA 0.30 MW 0.68 MW 100%
Kotzebue, Alaska USA 11.00 MW 1999 35%
Savoonga, Alaska


USA 0.20 MW 2008
Tin City, Alaska USA 0.23 MW 2008
Nome, Alaska USA 0.90 MW 2008
Hooper Bay, Alaska


USA 0.30 MW 2008

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