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As of September 2008, there are 74 wind farms in operation in the Republic of Ireland with a total capacity of 855 Megawatts [1]. A further 150 to 200MW is estimated by ESB to be connected to the grid by the end of 2008. The state-owned electric power transmission company, Eirgrid, state that in the period up to 2010, an additional 446.4 Megawatts of wind power are contracted to be connected to the Irish electricity grid. [2].

List of built and consented onshore wind farmsEdit


Farm Completed / Scheduled Grid Connection Capacity (MW) Turbines Type Notes
Ballywater 2005 42 21 ENERCON E-70 2MW County Wexford
Bindoo 2007 48 32 GE 1.5MW County Cavan
Cronelea 2007 6.9 3 ENERCON E-70 2.3MW County Wexford
Sorne Hill 2006 32 16 ENERCON E-70 2MW County Donegal
Lackan Sligo 2006 6.9 3 ENERCON E-70 2.3MW County Sligo
Cornacahan Hill 2007 2.55 3 ENERCON E-44 County Donegal
Lurganboy 2008 May 5.0 6 ENERCON E-44 County Donegal
Meentycat 2005 72 38 Siemens 2.3MW County Donegal
Munignaminnane 2008 November 13.8 18 ENERCON E-44 and E-48 County Kerry
Kingsmountain 2003 25 10 Nordex N80 County Sligo
Pallas 2008 December 40 20 ENERCON E-70 2MW County Kerry, construction in progress
Flughland 2009 August 9.2 4 ENERCON E-70 2.3MW County Donegal
Sheeragh 2008 Nov/Dec 4.6 2 ENERCON E-70 2.3MW County Donegal
Anarget 2006 1.2 2 ENERCON E-40 County Donegal
Anarget Extension 2007 0.9 1 ENERCON E-44 County Donegal
Shannagh 2009 2.55 3 ENERCON E-44 County Donegal
Killybegs 2007 13.8 6 ENERCON E-70 2.3MW County Donegal
Moanmore 2006 14 7 ENERCON E-70 2MW County Clare
Rahora 2008 December 4 5 ENERCON E-48 County Cork
Ballybane 2008 30 13 ENERCON E-70 2.3 MW County Cork
Glackmore 2008 November 2.3 1 ENERCON E-70 2.3 MW Buncranna, County Donegal, construction in progress
Crockahenny 1998 5 10 ENERCON E-40 5.40 Buncranna, County Donegal
Tournafulla 2007 27 18 GE 1.5MW County Limerick


The European Union's 2001 RES-E directive[3] addressed a target to Ireland of producing 13.2 % of its electricity needs through renewable energy sources. The Irish Government's report on Policy Consideration for Renewable Electricity to 2010 estimated that the Republic will need approximately 1,432 MW of renewable energy production by the end of 2009 to meet this target[4]. In the report an estimated 1100 MW was expected to be supplied by wind farms. Considering the current levels of wind generated electricity, it appears this target will be met.

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  • - Sustainable Energy Ireland, Ireland's national energy agency.
  • - Irish Wind Energy Association
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